Janet Conte, Washington State

Hi Peg,

I am returning a pair of shoes and a dress I ordered elsewhere. That is one of the many things I just love about your creations: I know they will fit!!! Do you have any idea how wonderful that is?

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and as always for your beautiful clothes.



Hi Peg,

My Latest Peg Lutz creations came Saturday. It is always a thrill to see that Peg Lutz return address label.

The dress and jacket I ordered for the wedding are perfect, exquisite and mouth watering. I had a hard time putting them away in my closet. The colors and pattern are so beautiful, I wanted to hang them on the wall and enjoy them as art. The fit is good, the length is perfect and I am a very happy camper. I can’t wait to wear them to the wedding. O Boy!

I am actually sewing today, working on tiny little dresses for my nieces in Germany. I stop from time to time to go pet my new blue and green ensemble that is going to Germany with me. The sun is out here today and the fabrics just shimmer in that bright light.

Meanwhile I am taking a suitcase full of Peggy Lutz creations to Europe where I plan to knock their socks off.
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Stephanie L, South Carolina

Drape Lapel Coat RainbowHello Peggy,
I received my ensemble this week and it is beautiful. I’ll have the slip dress hemmed and a few other small alterations. However, bolero is perfect.

Here is my dilemma. I am afraid the bolero might be too heavy for the ceremony and I want to know if you can make me another jacket in a lighter material for the ceremony and then I will dazzle the guests when I change into the beaded bolero for the reception.

I will need a material that will match my gown perhaps one of the Italian or French fabrics?? I think I would like it to be a see-through fabric which will drape in the front, cover my arms and butt.

Do we have time ? The wedding is June 27 I love my outfit and just do not want to be overheated as it will be very hot outdoors. Stephanie L.

We created this Drape Lapel Coat for Stephanie from Bianchini-Ferier’s Handpainted Rainbow Gold-Shot Silk.. She was very happy.

Sonia Kraus, Germany

Sonia Kraus - Germany
Dear Peggy,
In 2008 my maid of honor and I came to your show room in Santa Rosa and
shopped for a wedding dress. It was a beautiful dress (and another
ensemble for daytime entertaining) and we had a great wedding celebration
in Berlin/Germany. I had wanted to send you pictures for a long time, but
we moved and somehow life got in the way of things.

Also, I am still very fond of the Drape Lapel Coat Silver Metallic Lace in
a size S and wonder if you think it would go well with the Tee Dress Black
Slither? I have lost quite some weight since, but you might want to check
with my previous sizing if a size M or S would be a better fit. Let me
know and I will place a proper order asap.

Thanking you in advance and with fond memories,
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Jean Robinson

Dear Peggy,

Here is a photo of us at my daughter’s wedding on May 7.  I absolutely love the ensemble that you created for me, and felt like the Royal Mum! I don’t know how you and your staff do it, but when it arrived and I tried it on, the jacket and dress were a PERFECT fit. I received many compliments! This will be something I will wear as often as possible.

Many women asked me where I found what I was wearing, and I explained that I could not find anything really nice to wear that would fit me. I happily discovered you online. I told them how we went about creating the first ensemble; sending you measurements, selecting the fabric from all those samples, creating the pattern, trying the muslin workup on, sending you a photo of me wearing it, and making suggestions to adjust it for a proper fit.

I will admit I was very nervous about having a dress made 3,000 miles from where I live, sight unseen, but I was thrilled with how the finished garment looked and fit.

Love and kisses to you and your staff.


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Helen Bickers

“The Juliet dress arrived today and it is GORGEOUS!!! The kimono is perfection, the fuschia is so flattering to a girl’s complexion. The length is on both pieces is fantastic. The silhouette is very nice, flowing and elegant. When I get the Serious Hair and warpaint on I will have a picture taken for you. I am so very very pleased with your beautiful work!
Best regards.”
Helen Bickers

Then, after the show …“Your work was a big hit, I got many compliments and gave credit where it’s due. Here are some quick snaps a fan made after the concert, (no time to arrange the folds really well) and edited to show the dress off best. I found turning out the lining on the front gave a nice vertical accent, very effective at distance.
Best regards.”
Helen Bickers, Atlanta, GA

Gale Odom

Gale Odom
I have a performance with the Shreveport Symphony for their Christmas Pops concert here on December 18.  I am looking for something Christmas-y.  I am thinking I would like to get some pants and a top from you, and then have a light, floating jacket.  Don’t know whether the jacket style should be lapel jacket or kimono, but I am thinking shorter, and I really like this jacket look:
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Yvonne Dodds

Shortly before her August wedding, Vail realtor Yvonne Dodds had a nightmare: the ceremony was the next day, and she still hadn’t found a bridal gown that fit or flattered her size-20 body.

The nightmare almost came true. For months, Yvonne haunted bridal shops, department stores and catalogs. The dresses she tried on were ill-fitting and dowdy. The nicest gowns were simply not available in her size. And the wedding was less than two months away.

Just in time, Yvonne went online and found us.

Yvonne chose an embroidered slip dress in candlelight linen, topped with a matching bolero jacket for the reception. After receiving the gown via priority mail, Yvonne took it to a local tailor for custom fitting, just like smaller-size brides. The result: a perfect fit for the most important day of her life.

“I felt absolutely fabulous and can’t count the compliments from wedding guests about my gorgeous dress,” she recalls. “One of my thin friends who is getting married later this year said she wants a linen dress and jacket just like mine.”

Quickie Love Fests

Dear Margot,

I received the dress yesterday, as promised, and it fits perfectly. Thank
you very much.

Rose O, Montclair, NJ

Hi Peg,

I definitely look forward to new delights from my Clothing Goddess. I love every single item I’ve ordered from your shop and have found them to be most versatile. I look forward to many more happy purchases in the future.

Nikki, LA, CA

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Mahoney & Witherell Commitment Ceremony

“Thank you Peggy for making the beautiful gowns for our commitment ceremony.” Continue reading…

Helen Greton, Scotland, U.K.

Good Morning Helen!

Thanks so much for your first order with us and also for all the details and information in your email, which facilitate collaboration. I’ll move through your email with my responses in blue.

I’ve made up my mind and ordered a Drape Lapel Jacket in Handpainted Navy Silk Crepe, SKU: 00126 T149 in size S.

We’ll cut and sew this jacket immediately.  A brilliant choice. It’s brand new on the site and is lightweight, unique, and a wonderful bargain.  Would you like a Slither Slip Dress to wear underneath it?
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Karen W.


“Hello Peg!
Im on location with Stephen in Greenville, SC for the new film that George Clooney is directing. Here’s a photo of the dress and jacket your made me for the Oscars..we didn’t win this year, but I looked great and felt comfortable at the ceremony for the first time, among all the stars and skinny directors’ wives.”
Karen W. — Los Angeles, CA

Cindy’s Mother of the Bride Ensemble

Cindy’s Mother of the Bride EnsembleWhere I live: Texas – USA
What I purchased: Black silk jacquard Mandarin Coat, Beaded Silk Long Kimono and Custom necklaces for Each
My facebook page: Visit me on Facebook. I am a Peggy Lutz fan“It was a beautiful wedding! Anything that could go wrong, did not!!
I will send photos including me in my MOB ensemble as soon as I have them.
Mike & I are taking a fairly spontaneous holiday Hawaii cruise (coinciding with their honeymoon). They will be gone to Paris and Switzerland over Christmas and New Year’s so we are taking our own trip!
Thanks for everything.   Let’s talk in the new year.”
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Parris McBride

Parris McBride 63rd Primetime Emmys

Where I live: New Mexico, U.S.A

Favorite Author: My husband, George R.R. Martin, Author Game of Thrones, Emmy Award Winning HBO Series

I wore my Peggy Lutz Teal Silk Velvet Curved Dress : On the Red Carpet at 2011 Emmy Awards

I wore my Peggy Lutz Green Slither Juliet Dress: On the red Carpet when George was awarded Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World Awards in NYC.

Peggy -

Looks like I wIll be needing a new dress….

The Emmy nominations came out this morning, and ‘Game Of Thrones’ received 13 nominations in all, a remarkable feat for first year show, let alone a fantasy series, which, like Sci-Fi shows usually only gets technical awards nominations from the Television Academy and the Oscars.

Here’s the list:http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/awards/2011/07/emmy-nominations-complete-list-2011.html

Since GoT was nominated for Best Dramatic series, George, as an executive producer, is a nominee, and we’ll have the Golden ticket to walk down the red carpet!

talk with you soon, Parris

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Julie Zimmerman

Julie ZimmermanWhere I live: Colorado, USA

“Dear Peggy,

The Coco jacket is a dream come true!! The fit was perfect, so I was comfortable and confident. This was my first couture jacket, a major investment and I’m more than happy. You really met all my specifications and the fabric we finally chose from the swatches you sent really looked great under the lights. The added crystals gave it that extra something; thanks for suggesting those. Yes, I felt more relaxed knowing I looked great. I could focus on the business at hand with no worries. We didn’t win, but just being asked to participate was a big honor and the event was thrilling.

Thanks again for all your help in making this for me in a very short time and beautifully too!

Keep up the good work.”

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Judy’s Birthday jacket

Judy 80th B'day

Where I live: Tiburon, California – USA
What I do: Publisher of a Course in Miracles and Director of the Foundation for Inner Peace
Who I am:A 80 year-young and vibrant woman”Peg,
I am so excited.
The fuschia jacket arrived and it looks great with my black silk top and pants you made in March.
I LOVE it and just knew it was for me. Even if velvet is not in season now, I don’t care, it looks elegant on and I will send you a photo.Thank you so much for being such a trouper. WE DID IT! I am so excited.
Love and appreciation.”
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